Teresa Orlowski
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One of the most insatiable starlets of all times, Teresa Orlowski turns every flick into a classic porn hit

Teresa Orlowski

Date of birth: July 29, 1953

Bio: Teresa Orlowski was born in 1953 in Poland. As a child, she wanted to become a nun, but luckily for all of us, she changed her mind.

She was living and working in Germany when a porn producer Hans Moser discovered her and offered her a role in an adult movie. Being one of the most lustful and insatiable starlets of all times, Orlowski quickly became popular, but her movies are quite a rare treat for porn lovers in the USA. Her U.S. debut was in "Go For It", released in 1983. Her full-throttle and go-for-it attitude combined with her incredible sex drive made her flicks a real treasure for any porn fan.

Soon Teresa began producing her own line of videos called "Foxy Lady", which offers the most exciting anal, interracial, lesbian and group scenes styled as erotic magazines. There are about 10 Orlowski's features available in the States, including "Les Foilies de Teresa", "Lady Domina" and "Backdoor Lust". more info »

Alternate Names: Teresa Orlowsky

Most frequent partners in DVD/Films: Christoph Clark   Frank James   Gabriel Pontello

  1. Les Folies de Teresa (1985)
  2. Foxy Lady 1 (1985)
  3. Foxy Lady 3 (1986)
  4. Foxy Lady 2 (1986)
  5. Foxy Lady 4 (1986)
  6. Foxy Lady 6 (1986)
  7. Lady Domina (1987)
  8. Foxy Lady 8 (1987)
  9. Backdoor Lust (1988)
  10. Double Desires (1988)
  11. Foxy Lady 9 (1988)
  12. Foxy Lady 10 (1988)
  13. Foxy Lady 12 (1988)