Olinka Hardiman
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A Marilyn Monroe lookalike, Olinka Hardiman earned a status of a sex goddess and a legend of classic porn

Olinka Hardiman

Date of birth: January 16, 1960

Bio: Olinka Hardiman was born in 1960 in France. She is best known as Marilyn Monroe lookalike, and her strong resemblance of the late movie star is what brought her to the adult industry and made her noticed. However, good looks isn't enough to become a star, and Olinka achieved stardom and fame through her passionate and outstanding perfomance as well as her delivery. It seems that she knew just the right movements and the right angles to make her scenes unforgettable and extremely exciting.

Hardiman's first movie was released in 1986. Her career started off a bit slow, but eventually gor herself the reputation of a great performer. No scene was too small for her, and she managed to turn her every appearance on screen into an explosive and scorching show.

Olinka's best features include "Emmanuelle Goes to Cannes", "Marilyn - Bizarre Begierden", "House of 1001 Pleasures" and "Take My Body". Other roles of Hardiman that are worth mentioning include the video "Burning Show", where Olinka plays two sisters, and her perfomanve in "Hot Bodies", released in 1983.

Hardiman left the industry in 1990, but her videos will never lose ground among the true admirers of classic porn. more info »

Alternate Names: Marilyn Casdorf | Ingrid Hermann | Marilyn L'Amour | Marilyn Lamour | Olivia Link | Marilyn Mitchell | Mary Monroe | Marilyn Olinka | Olinka | Olga Oloff | Olynka | Olinka Petrowna

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