Linda Lovelace
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The star of the "Deep Throat", Linda Lovelace turned the masterpiece of 70s porn into a mainstream hit

Linda Lovelace

Date of birth: January 10, 1949

Bio: Linda Susan Boreman, well-known by her stage name Linda Lovelace, was the most famous porn star of all times. Her lead part in the enormously successful hardcore film "Deep Throat" made her a real star both in adult film industry and mainstream.

Boreman was born in a working class family in Bronx, New York. She attended Catholic schools and had a nickname "Miss Holy Holy". When Linda turned 16 her family moved to Florida.

In the late 60s Boreman became involved with Chuck Traynor, who became her husband and manager. Soon Boreman was taking part in short 8mm hardcore films which were made for peep shows under the name Linda Lovelace. Later Boreman alleged that she was forced to do that by her husband.

In 1972 the epic "Deep Throat" was released, a legendary movie about the woman who was sexually unsatisfied until the doctor found out that her clitoris was located in the back of her throat. This film combines humor with hardcore sex scenes, which made it extremely popular and earned around $600 million. Allegedly, Linda Lovelace got no money from "Deep Throat", as the payment of about $1,250 was taken by her husband.

In 1974 Linda starred in "Deep Throat II", which failed to get as popular as the first movie.

In 1975 Linda left Traynor for David Winters, who was the producer of her film "Linda Lovelace for President", released in 1976.

Boreman's divorce with Traynor became a scandal, as Linda stated that her husband forced her into pornography at gunpoint and that she constantly incurred violence, rape and forced prostitution during her marriage with Traynor. However, the credibility of her accusations is questionable.

In 1974 Boreman married Larry Marchiano, with whom she had two children. They divorced in 1996, but kept in touch for the rest of her life.

In 1974 Boreman published two autobiographies, "Inside Linda Lovelace" and "The Intimate Diary of Linda Lovelace". After the publication of "Ordeal" in 1980 Linda became part of the feminist anti-pornography movement. She spoke before feminist groups and the Meese Commission on the supposed dangers of pornography.

In 1986 "Out of Bondage" was released, a memoir about her life after "Deep Throat". Later Linda claimed that she was used by the anti-pornography movement and was underpaid for her speaking engagements. Once again, her allegations caused controversy. more info »

Alternate Names: Linda Boreman | Linda Marchiano

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